Ting LTE Comes to Boston

Ting LTE NetworkI just got an email this morning from the folks at Ting stating that LTE network support would be available in Boston. Since I live in Boston, I presume they only sent the email to their customers and prospective customers in the area.

If you are Boston resident and interested in Ting LTE based devices then check out what the email says about the subject:

If you have a need for speed, you’ll be happy to hear that LTE is coming to Boston. You might have noticed a few brief service blips over the past few months as towers near you were being upgraded. We apologize for that hassle.

The good news is most of those upgrades are done. You might encounter an occasional network annoyance here and there, but enhanced data speeds and improved coverage should be your new norm.

If you want to get a new or used LTE device to take advantage of this new, faster network, head to the Ting shop and take a look.

If you have a device you’re already happy with, don’t worry: It will continue to work just as it did before LTE reached your area.

To be honest, I never really paid much attention to the different types of networks like LTE or 4g or whatever. Since my main concern using a cheap cell phone plan has always been based on the simple question: “Does my phone work or not?”

Even though I personally am not using Ting right now, I do use Republic Wireless which is another MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) that uses the Sprint Network to run its service. So my thinking is, that since Ting is using the Sprint network, and they just told me they upgraded the network to support LTE, then that must also mean that the Republic Wireless phones also gain access to LTE… maybe.

The thing is, it is hard to tell what kind of contracts each of these smaller run MVNOs have with the big guys like Sprint, so it could just be that Ting is paying more to use the LTE towers, but who knows. Also, Republic Wireless only has two supported phones at the moment, the Moto X and Moto G, which I’m not even sure are compatible LTE phones so it might not even make a lick of difference, though I should probably look into this kind of stuff if I’m going to be writing about it.

Regardless, this seems to be pretty good news for those Ting users living in the Boston area and use an LTE enabled device.

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