Ting iPhone 5 Support Now Available

Ting iPhone 5The low cost mobile carrier, Ting, announced today that they would begin support for iPhone 5 devices.

The new Ting iPhone 5 support is big news for those of us who like to use the latest Apple iPhone devices while also taking advantage of a cheaper cell phone plan. Unfortunately, the iPhone 5s or 5c is not supported yet, however, Ting seems to be on a steady pace to continue including the latest devices so it is only a matter of time until the 5s and 5c are supported. With the iPhone 5, Ting now supports three iPhone models with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s being the other two.

The announcement email read as follows:

You can now bring an inactive Sprint iPhone 5 to Ting! It can be an iPhone 5 you already have (not a 5s or 5c) or we can help you find a used one.

I guess there’s not really much more to say on the subject…

So. How are you? Things good? Good! Significant other OK? Kids?

Well. Gotta run. It’s been great catching up. Must do it again soon!

Of course like other phone devices, Ting allows you to bring your own iPhone 5, however keep in mind that it must be a Sprint network enabled device.

For more information on the Ting iPhone 5 support you can check out their latest blog post for more details.


  1. Will Ting ever use the Verizon towers?

    That is the only carrier that works in my remote area and in ready to leave them ASAP before they rob me anymore!!!

  2. Hi Lori,

    I think that Ting is under obligation to only use the Sprint Network since they likely have an exclusive contract with them, so unfortunately I don’t think they’ll be using the Verizon network anytime soon.

    A good cheap cell phone carrier that uses Verizon network and iPhones would be Straight Talk. They have a $40 unlimited everything plan that seems to be pretty good and I’ve heard some good reviews about them too.

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