Cricket Wireless Doubles 4G Data Limits Across Board

Cricket Wireless has been on a roll lately with its offering of all kinds of goodies and deals with its cheap phone plans. On top of last weeks $100 credit offering to those who switch from T-Mobile or MetroPCS, Cricket has announced that it will increase its high-speed data limit on its unlimited everything plans starting September 13th, 2014. In addition to the high-speed data changes, they have also decreased the price of its first generation Moto G phone.

Now you might be confused regarding the Cricket Wireless high-speed data limits, since why would there be a limit in the first place on an unlimited everything plan? Well, the reason is because the Cricket Wireless plans do offer unlimited talk, text, and data; BUT there is a difference between regular data across the AT&T GSM network and “high-speed” data which uses AT&T’s LTE 4G network.

So basically the idea is that you get to use the newer LTE technology up to a certain data limit each month and if you happen to exceed that limit, you get bumped down to the slightly slower GSM network which has unlimited use. However, the good news with this announcement is that both new customers and current Cricket customers get a bump in that high-speed network limit each month, essentially doubling the previous plans’ offerings.

Here is a chart that shows comparisons of Cricket’s old plans and new plans for their three popular unlimited everything plans:

Cricket Wireless LTE 4G Data Plans

As we see, the 4G speeds have been doubled across the board with their cheapest $35/month plan going from 500MB to 1GB. Their highest rate plan at $60/month goes from 5GB to a whopping 10GB, which is likely more than enough data of any kind for most people.

One important thing to note though is that this is a limited time promotional offer, according to the website, and it is unknown when it could revert back (if ever).

Also, I should be clear that all of these plans include unlimited talk, text, and GSM data. You get a $5 monthly discount if you enroll in auto-pay with your credit card. The taxes and fees are already included in the plan prices. Finally, there is no contract that you have to sign up for.

Cricket Moto G Price Decreases From $150 to $80

As if the high-speed data wasn’t enough good news for the day, we’ve also seen them offering the Motorola Moto G phone at $79.99 which is a $70 decrease from the previous price of $149.99. Of course this could likely be due to newer generations of the Moto series of phones coming online soon.

As an owner of a Moto G myself using the Republic Wireless service this is a great deal on the phone which I’ve been more than impressed with. The phone is technologically more than I need with all kinds of great features you want in an Android smartphone with a phenomenal value.

To be honest, if I hadn’t already switched to Republic Wireless, I likely would have gone with the $35/month Cricket Wireless plan along with this Moto G offer which together offer great savings over the bigger brands. And while this plan is ten dollars more than my $25/month Republic Wireless unlimited everything plan, Cricket uses the AT&T network (since it’s owned by AT&T) which I find more reliable than the Sprint network that Republic uses.

Overall these are some very compelling offers from Cricket Wireless who keep stepping up their game in the wireless wars.

Also, if any readers here are currently on one of the Cricket unlimited data plans, I’d love to hear what your assessment is on the “high-speed” 4G data and the “regular” data speeds after you go over the monthly limit? Please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I have been using Cricket since 8/2015. No problems. My wife’s phone was added 12/2015. Still no problems. I’m happy to say I like the switch from Sprint. ****************************************************** Also. Is there anyone who can provide info on Cell usage or Cell companies available for use in The Dominican Republic ? Please advise. thanks.

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