Boost Mobile Cheapest Plan Now $30/Month

Boost Mobile Auto-reboost plan

Boost Mobile has recently countered Metro PCS’s $30 plan by introducing their own $30 per month unlimited everything plan. This new Boost Mobile cheapest plan is called the $30 Data Boost Up, which is only available for those with a 4G LTE device and opt to enroll in automatic monthly payments.

This new plan which is in direct competition with both Metro PCS and Cricket Wireless prepaid plans now offers up to 2GB of high-speed 4G data, up from 1GB of their previous $35 low tier plan. Compared to the Metro PCS plan at the same $30 price level, Boost is now giving an extra 1GB of high speed data bandwidth. However, it does not beat Cricket’s $35/month cheapest plan which offers 2.5GB of high-speed data.

For those unaware, Boost Mobile is essentially the budget brand owned by Sprint. Similarly, Metro PCS is the budget brand owned by T-Mobile, as well as Cricket Wireless being the budget brand owned by AT&T. Since these three wireless companies have been in fierce competition over the last few years, it is no surprise that they are also competitive with their budget brands. Of course, this level of competition is fantastic for us frugal minded mobile phone users.

What To Look Out For:

  • Only LTE devices are eligible for the $30 Data Boost plan, so if you are bringing an unlocked phone to Boost Mobile, you’ll want to verify that first.
  • The $30 plan requires you to sign up for automatic payments via either credit card or debit card, so make sure you take this into account when budgeting your personal finances. You don’t want to accidentally overdraft or exceed your credit limit do to auto payments.
  • If at anytime you remove the auto “re-boost” payment option, the monthly cost of the plan will go up to $40/month.
  • The biggest thing to know which is mentioned in fine print, is that the 2GB of high-speed 4G LTE data will not be utilized for video streaming on your device, they will only work at 3G speeds. This kind of ruins one of the main points of having 4G high-speed data in the first place!
  • The offer is only valid until May 31st, 2015, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they extended the date or implemented a similar cheap $30 per month plan but who knows.

Overall, it is nice to see that Boost Mobile is keeping in step with it’s low cost competitors, and this new cheap plan shows that. However, the thing with the video streaming being limited to 3G speeds only really creases me and comes off as kind of sleazy, especially since they hid that part in the fine print at the bottom of the landing page.

One of the main reasons I write articles for this website is to bring to light these types of sneaky marketing tactics in the fine print of various wireless carriers promotions. If you’re a reader of this blog then it’s likely you are all too aware of the many ways that telecommunication companies nickle and dime their customers. So hopefully this type of analysis is useful for those deciding on a mobile phone provider.

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  1. I just changed to 4GAS and I have a great $28 plan with 2GB of data and other great plan features such as mobile without borders and music freedom; which is unlimited music streaming and it does not affect the 2GB of data you have!

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