Ting Phones For Sale – iPhone 4s, 5, 5c Clearance

Update 01/31/2015:

Ting emailed a few announcements in the last week regarding iPhone 4 and 5 sales and discounts.

The first sale announced January 20th, 2015, was for a refurbished iPhone 4s 8GB, which would be priced at $129 with the $60 discount being offered. The second sale announced on January 30th, 2015, was for 20% off the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c bringing the price to $250 down from their retail price of $316.

It should be noted that the sales of these iPhones are contingent on their supplies, so the offer is limited to a first come first serve basis. You can checkout the Ting shop to see the deals.

My guess is that Ting has discounted these model iPhones because they will likely be adding the iPhone 6 soon and want to clear out old inventory before adding a new model.

Update 11/01/2014:

The Ting warehouse clearance sale is now closed and the sale items listed below have been sold out according to Ting’s latest blog post.

Be sure to keep an eye on this blog for future updates and news on more sales and discounts from Ting and other cheap cell phone plan providers. Cheers!

Ting announced today that they are consolidating their warehouses and will be having a clearance sale on many of their devices for the next few weeks. Starting on October 1st, Ting will have five different devices on sale each week for the month of October.

On top of the lowered prices on these phones, Ting is also offering a $20 credit to apply to your account if you purchase one of the clearance items.

The table below shows the current batch of Ting phones for sale with the current clearance offer:

PhoneBase PriceDiscountCreditTotal SavingsStatus
Samsung Galaxy Note 2$393$26$20$46Sold Out
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (refurbished)$347$14$20$44Sold Out
Samsung Conquer (refurbished)$58$13$20$33Sold Out
Kyocera Hydra Edge$172$16n/a$16Sold Out
HTC 8XT Purple$352$21n/a$21Sold Out
Samsung M370$43$9n/a$9Sold Out
Sierra 4G LTE Hotspot$63$11n/a$11Sold Out
Samsung Galaxy Note 3$362$72n/a$72Sold Out
Kyocera Rise$114$21n/a$21Sold Out
LG Optimus Elite$96$18n/a$18Sold Out
Samsung M400 (refurbished)$62$10n/a$10Sold Out

One important note is that the $20 credit is applied to your Ting account at the end of the promotional period for each phone. So if you buy a Samsung Note 3 before October 8th, you’ll get the $72 discount when buy the device for a sale price of $290. Then after October 8th, you will receive $20 credit to your account which can be used to pay your cell phone usage balance at the end of your billing period.

What I don’t particularly like about this offer is that we have no idea what phones Ting will put on sale for the second through third weeks of the month. Thus, I could see people getting buyers remorse if they bought a phone on the first week and then a better deal on a better phone came out in the fourth week. I suspect that Ting has structured it this way for a reason as to get rid of as much old inventory as possible. My bet is that the best phones and discounts will be in the fourth week… we shall see.

I’ll be updating this post each week to report on the new phones on sale, so stay tuned.

Update 10/16/14

October 16th to October 22nd Promotional Phone Deals

For the third week of October, Ting has put out three more devices as part of its clearance sale, with up to a total possible $46 in savings this week. Here is what is on sales rack:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note II
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II (refurbished)
  • Samsung Conquer (refurbished)
  • Kyocera Milano (sold out)

An okay offering this week with it basically being a choice of three Samsung phones, with the Galaxy Note 2 being the highlight. The savings are decent but it seems the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from the first week had much more savings and likely the better deal. Also, I found it amusing that they listed the Kyocera Milano but was sure to tell us it was already sold out.

Update 10/9/2014:

October 9th to 16th Promotional Phone Deals

Ting phone sale week 2

For the second week of October, Ting has come out with three more phones and one hotspot device for its week 2 clearance sale. Lets take a look.

  • Kyocera Hydra Edge
  • HTC 8XT Purple
  • Samsung M370
  • Sierra 4G LTE Hotspot

It’s decent mix of phones ranging from low end to high-end. Also, the added discount on the hot spot device is a nice touch but I’m not so sure people use Ting for a hotspot service. As I’ve mentioned in the past, Ting is great for people who have low cell phone usage since you only pay for what you use. Someone who is a heavy data user and likely to get a hotspot device probably wouldn’t save that much on Ting since the rates can get quite high with excessive use, thus the need for a hotspot device from this service doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

Also, Ting has mentioned that the previous four phones from last week’s clearance are still on sale and available should you want them, however, those phones are no longer eligible for the $20 credit.

October 1st to 8th Promotional Phone Deals

Ting Phone Discounts Week 1

In the first week of October, Ting is offering the following phones for sale:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Black & White)
  • Kyocera Rise
  • LG Optimus Elite
  • Samsung M400 (refurbished)

While I haven’t used any of these phones before, the deals offered seem pretty solid, especially if you were planning on upgrading an older phone. No doubt the discount on the Galaxy Note 3 is a great deal for a high-end phone, if that is something you are interested in.

This could also be a great time to switch to Ting if you had been thinking about it and just needed that little extra push. Getting one of the clearance phones this month, along with the $20 credit for this offer, AND add on the additional sign-up Ting discount from a referral code and you get some pretty darn sweet savings.


  1. Can you tell me when/if you are getting these phones back in stock?

    Samsung M400 (refurbished) $62 $10 n/a $10
    Subject: Samsung M400 (refurbished)

    1. Hi Michael,

      Just for the record, I don’t work for Ting or any other cell phone provider. I’m an independent blogger who just writes about cell phone stuff, so I can’t answer your question on behalf of that company.

      That said, last I checked all the phones they were offering for clearance was sold out and I don’t imagine they’ll get them back in stock since most of the clearance phones are older models and likely discontinued for production, hence their reason to “clear out the stock.”

      However, if you had your heart set on an M400, what you could do is buy one second hand off of a site like Swappa.com or eBay and then use it on the Ting network since they allow you to bring your own device, so long as it is a Sprint enabled phone.

      If you’re interested I do keep track of new phones being offered by Ting on the following blog post which I update periodically:


      Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

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