Ting to Add GSM Network & Phones

Back in December, Ting announced that they would be adding the ability for their service to work on a GSM network in addition to its already utilized Sprint CDMA network. This is no doubt a pretty big deal as it makes Ting the first provider to offer a service in which both CDMA and GSM can be used on the same account.

If that dramatic video clip didn’t get you excited, let me tell you why this is a big deal:

  • First, now potential customers who like the idea of Ting but dislike the CDMA network will now have a new option to use the GSM network.
  • Second, this opens up a wider range of new phones (more than 80% of smartphones) that you can move and use on the Ting service from your old provider, including the new iPhone 6 so long as it’s unlocked.
  • Third, the coverage options are now much more vast with the additional network option being added.

It is unclear exactly when the new GSM aspect of Ting will become available but the blog post announcing the move states that it will be sometime in February 2015 and has an email sign-up form at the bottom for those wanting to stay on top of this particular news.

It should be noted though that the addition of both GSM and CDMA on one service provider does not mean that you can switch between or utilize both networks from one device. Since most devices only support GSM or CDMA it will be up to the customer to decide which network will be best for him or her.

One could potentially own two devices, one compatible for each network and use them on the same Ting account service and just switch phones when needed. Albeit, this would most certainly be a tedious way of using a phone service, but it could be a good option for those that travel between areas where one network is stronger than the other and vice versa.

With the success of Ting over the last few years we have seen competing MVNOs like US Mobile come on the scene. US Mobile essentially uses a very similar business model and pricing structure as Ting but offered it on the GSM network. However, now with Ting offering both networks, it is clear that they are on top of remaining competitive with other MVNOs and realize that they need to continually step up their game in this extremely competitive marketplace.

For more information you can check out this blog post which outlines some useful information regarding the GSM aspect of using Ting.

I’m looking forward to Ting’s GSM rollout and how it plays out for them and their customers who like good cheap cell phone plan options. If any readers use Ting and end up trying a GSM phone with them, please let us know how it goes in the comments below.


    1. Hi Desantos,

      Since the GSM network is considered a 3G network then it is quite likely you’ll be able to use your iPhone 4 with Ting. You can check to see if your phone is compatible by entering its information at this link.

  1. I was excited to hear about GSM coming to Ting, I even purchased a GSM Beta sim from Ting. However I probably wont use it because the only coverage is 2g here in Norther Michigan, according to the Ting web site. Bummer! may switch to cricket To get 4G.

    1. Hi Frank,

      It seems like you jumped the gun on that beta SIM purchase, too bad that there is only 2G coverage in your area, didn’t even know that still existed… Cricket might be worth a shot if you know that the AT&T network in your area is good since that is the network they utilize. Best of luck.

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