New Sprint Prepaid Plans Offer Lower Monthly Prices

Sprint recently rolled out a revamp of its prepaid mobile phone plans, lowering their prices across the the board. This move would appear to make the Sprint prepaid plans come into alignment with its other cheap prepaid brands such as Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Not to mention the increased competition amongst wireless carriers, this revamp comes right on the heels of its recent iPhone 6 unlimited everything deal.

Here’s a quick comparison chart from the Sprint site that shows the differences.

sprint prepaid plans comparison chart

The new plans are offered on three tier levels ranging from $35 per month to $55 per month. All three plans offer unlimited talk and text with the main differences being the variation of data offered on each plan. The lowest priced $35/month plan offers 1GB data, the $45/month plan offers 3GB of data, and the $55/month plan offers 6GB of data.

As we can see these are some big improvements over their previous pricing models which consisted of a $45 unlimited talk & text only plan (no data except for wi-fi) as it’s lowest tiered plan. No doubt that they are under severe pressure from the likes of AT&T and T-Mobile. Its no surprise that these new prepaid plans are very similar in cost and offerings as the new Cricket Mobile prepaid plans which is a brand owned by AT&T.

Along with these plan pricing improvements, Sprint offers a decent selection of smart phones to go along with it’s prepaid plans that include the following:

  • iPhone 4s
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
  • Kyocera Event
  • Kyocera Kona
  • Motorola Moto G (my phone – love it 🙂

While this is a good group of phones, at this point it is unclear if Sprint is allowing customers to “Bring Your Own Device.” If not, this could be one area where Cricket Wireless has a leg up on them.

Now generally I’d say that the other wireless companies might do better than Sprint since the Sprint network is generally perceived as weaker, however that could be changing in the next few years. In recent wireless Industry news we know that Sprint is aggressively expanding its network to include more LTE service on its 2.5GHz spectrum holdings. This new network expansion would allow Sprint to not only expand but speed up congested markets at peak times for data download.

On top of all this, we know that Sprint has been quite ambitious lately especially with its failed bid to buy T-Mobile. It seems that there is blood in the water and Sprint is gearing up to take on the big boys. This is certainly a great time to be a customer on the hunt for a cheap mobile phone plan with all this new competition lately.

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