Republic Wireless New Phones 2014

Republic Wireless upcoming phones

Moto X - 2nd Gen.Motorola$399Available
Moto X - 1st Gen.Motorola$299Available
Moto G - 1st Gen.Motorola$149Available
Moto EMotorola$99Available
Defy XTMotorola$99Discontinued

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Update 11/26/2014:

Republic just announced today that they will be releasing the new 2nd Generation Moto X for sale and use on the Republic Wireless service on December 10th, 2014. The 2nd gen model will cost $399 and includes updated specs such as more sensors, better scratch resistant glass, longer battery life, Moto Voice, bigger screen, etc.

This newest phone is quite a bit more than the others and while I don’t think it is particularly frugal to always buy the latest greatest gadget upon release, I do think it is a good sign to look at buying the older generations as they will surely be marked down in price over the next few months. So this could be a good time to pick up a first generation Moto X on the cheap.

At the time of this writing, the Republic website still lists the Moto X 1st generation at the $299 price, but I will be keeping an eye on it to see if they lower the price. If they do, I’ll be sure to update this post, so stay tuned.

Update 9/17/2014:

Today Republic Wireless sent out an email confirming that the Motorola Moto E will indeed be the next device offered as their low end phone. They state that the Moto E will become available in October though no exact date has been given. The phone will be offered at the low price of $99 with no contract required. This low no-contract price is cheaper than what you can buy the Moto E for from other carriers where it tends to sell for around $130 retail.

This is certainly another great addition to the Republic family of phones with their wireless crossover technology. It’s a decent phone for the value.

Update 7/18/2014:

With the introduction of Motorola’s Moto E model announced on May 13th, 2014, it began a lot of speculation and rumours on the Republic Wireless community forums that this phone would be the lower end phone that RW would support by the end of 2014.

Since the Moto E is simply a lower end version of the Moto G with similar technology it wouldn’t be too hard for Republic to support the phone once made available to them. In addition, as many may recall, Republic Wireless had said in early January that they would have three types of phones by the end of the year: Best, Better, and Good. The Moto X would represent the best option, the Moto G represents the better option, and the Moto E would be their “good” phone.

The nice thing is that the cost of the Moto E being offered on the Motorola website is priced at $130, presumably with a contracted phone plan from one of the big guys, but since Republic has a tendency to offer their phones (no-contract) at much lower prices, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ll offer the Moto E at below $100, which would be pretty damn sweet!

Of course this is all rumored speculation right now, but it makes sense logically. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

Update 4/17/2014:
The Moto G is now available on the Republic Wireless site for purchase for only $150.

If anyone is planning on signing up be sure to check out my Republic Wireless discount code page if you want to get a $20 credit to your account.

Update 3/13/2014:
Today Republic Wireless announced that the next new phone in their line-up would indeed be the Moto G as has already been speculated on this blog and others around the web. Although their timeframe did slip from the first quarter of 2014 to sometime in April 2014. You can read more about the Republic Wireless Moto G here. As new phones are introduced, I will continue to add updates to this post.

I received an email recently from Republic Wireless indicating that they will be releasing two new phones in 2014, with the first arriving by the end of the first quarter, which would be sometime before March 31st 2014. The second device would arrive later in the year.

Both Republic Wireless upcoming phones would cost under $299 per device, which is below the existing Moto X price point. With the older model Defy XT being retired once its stock is depleted, there will be three phones by the end of the year on a varying price scale with the Moto X being the highest. And for $299 being the highest end model, that is a pretty good deal considering that other no-contract costs for the Moto X from other carriers is approximately $530.

Given that Republic Wireless has indicated that the reason they are offering the Moto X at such a cheap price is because they trust in their service and believe that their unique technology of wireless switchover will save them money, it would be no surprise if the new devices were also offered at costs below market price for no-contract plans.

This is great news for those that want both a budget conscious cell phone plan AND a budget conscious mobile phone device as well. Even though the Moto X is a great deal at $299, if you don’t really use apps or Internet then a more basic cheaper phone should suffice.

What New Phones Will Republic Wireless Have?

So with all the hype of new phones being offered, what can we expect for new devices? Well they haven’t said anything yet, but I would assume that they will definitely be Android based and also likely to be Motorola phones. The reason for my speculation is because it would be a lot easier to port their unique technology over to similar phones for which they have already worked out the kinks. And the trend so far, if you call two phones a trend, is the Motorola Defy XT and the Motorola Moto X, both Android, and both Motorola phones.

As for prices, I’d be willing to guess that there would be a cheaper phone model for around the $99 price point, and a more bare bones smart phone at around the $199 price point like the Moto G for instance. Of course this is just a guess but it would make sense to have tiered price points in order to capture a larger market.

That said, I will be sure to update this post moving forward as new details come to light as to what the new Republic Wireless phones will be for the 2014 year.


  1. My contract with Verizon ends 3/11/ 2014. I am planning to go with you (Republic) but would like to go with the new phone you are planning to offer as i do not need the top of the line phone. When the new phone becomes available would you let me know?

    I have many friends that are interested in Republic but want me to go first and i an planning to be the first

  2. Hi John,

    Just to clarify, I am not associated with Republic Wireless, I just write about them along with other mobile phone company plans and news on this blog.

    As for the new phone, it sounds like your Verizon contract will be ending just in time, as they have mentioned the new phone (which I speculate will be the Moto G) should be released before the end of the month. I have been monitoring their website, forums, and emails as to any new information on upcoming phone availability and will be sure to post an update on the website once they do. So if you’d like to stay up to date on this, then be sure to check back on the blog from time to time πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Lori,

    Unfortunately, I doubt that Republic will offer the iPhone anytime soon, if ever. The thing with Republic Wireless is that they use a proprietary software in their phones in order to be able to seamlessly switch between the cell phone towers and wireless Internet. At the moment, they can only do this with Android based phones and considering how strict Apple is with people messing with their technology, I don’t see them being compatible.

    If you are in love with iPhones than you could still switch to some other low cost mobile phone carriers like Ting or Straight Talk for example. Also, perhaps consider switching to an Android based phone, they are getting a lot better and in my experience as someone who used an iPhone for 5 years and recently switched to Android, it’s not that bad.

  4. I have been using Moto X since it was offered (a beta user 2 years ago), and I have issues with Moto X battery drain. I am a veteran teacher who started with the Macintosh in 1987. I have tried every battery app, set my Moto X for wifi, but still have to recharge nightly. I also had battery drain issues with the DEFY Moto; but I carried extra charged batteries–we cannot open the Moto X for battery. Will the Moto G or the Moto E have a longer lasting battery? I really don’t want to leave Republic.

    1. Hi Jan,

      Thanks for giving some insight into the Moto X’s battery life. I think the problem is more with smart phones in general, as most of them only have maybe a few days of battery time at most. Consider that all the other technology in a phone is advancing and becoming more complex. They have bigger screens with higher resolution, more memory, more complex energy intensive apps; all things in a smartphone that eat up battery life. All this on top of the fact that battery technology lags much farther behind in improvements than other components of the cell phone industry.

      Another thing to consider is the age of your phone/battery which degrades over time. A two year old battery in any phone probably isn’t going to hold a charge for more than a day anyways. Perhaps you can get a new battery, or maybe swap it for a new Moto G?

      That said, I’ve been using my Moto G from Republic Wireless for about 6 months now and have been able to get several days of minimal use out of the phone before having to recharge, which is better than my old iPhone 3Gs which needed constant charging. I typically plug my phone in every night though anyways as a habit, so have yet to be in a situation where I was desperately low on juice.

  5. What do you all think about getting a Republic phone second hand like on ebay. I was considering the Moto G or the 1st generation Moto X. This will be my first smart phone as I just have a cheap prepaid tracfone now. Thanks in advance for any insight or advice. :0)

    1. Hi Margie,

      One thing I’d advise is to be extra careful that you are buying a Republic Wireless phone that will work on their network. Since Republic uses particular hybrid calling technology for their wireless service you can’t just use any Moto phone, it needs to have previously been on the network and issued by Republic.

      That said, you could likely get a good deal on a used 1st gen Moto X from some of the folks who might be upgrading, so it’s worth looking into.

      Here’s a link from Republic’s site that gives some guidelines for buying second hand Republic phones:

      Hope that helps πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Paul,

      The way Republic works is that it’s “handover” technology is designed to switch seamlessly between wireless (WiFi) signals and cell tower signals, so technically all the Republic phones should work with any hotspot gadget so long as it provides open access to that gadgets WiFi signal.

      Hope that answers the question.

    1. Hi Peter,

      To sign up for Republic Wireless you can click on the following link:

      Select which phone you want to buy and add it to the cart, then continue with the check out process. Let me know if you have additional, more specific questions. Good luck πŸ™‚

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