Get a FREE Chromecast with Purchase of New Moto X with Republic Wireless

republic wireless free chromecast

Update: This offer is no longer available.

Republic Wireless announced today that they will begin offering free Google Chromecast devices to anyone who purchases a new Moto X from them.

This is a great deal for us frugal minded folks since you already get a discounted price on the Moto X when bought from Republic and an affordable monthly cell phone plan. Now on top of all this, its possible to get a Chromecast device for free which would normally retail at $35.

For those that don’t know what a Chromecast is, it is a small USB device which allows you to stream video content from your computer or cell phone straight to your television set. It is a similar concept/product to the Roku which is targeted to cord cutters (people who cancel their cable service). I think it is a pretty good strategy for Republic Wireless to target cord cutters since it is an obvious push to attract those customers that are already frugal minded and would be willing to sign-up for a cheap cell phone plan from a mobile virtual network operator like Republic.

Check out this video from Aaron Baker that explains the deal and how you could stream videos and other content straight from your Moto X to a Google Chromecast enabled television set:

It’s too bad that this offer isn’t available for the Moto G but I suspect that the underlying intention of this deal is to clear out their current Moto X inventory to make way for the release of the Moto X+1. There have been rumors floating around that Motorola would be unveiling its newest update to the Moto X by the end of Summer 2014, which many have dubbed the Moto X+1. So if this is indeed released then it would make sense for Republic Wireless to jump on board the band wagon and offer the X+1 as their top end phone option.

Unfortunately for me, I’m already signed up and am perfectly happy with my Moto G at the moment. In addition, I already own a Roku (I cut the cord a long time ago) so don’t really need a Chromecast. However, if I were a person that is currently looking to switch phone plans from one of the big blood sucking telecom companies then I think this offer from Republic would seal the deal.

If you’re not too sure about the service, then be sure to check out our Republic Wireless Reviews page for an analysis along with a list of other reviews from trusted bloggers and technology journalists.

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