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Update: Unfortunately, as of Nov. 1st 2014 the Republic Wireless Refer a Friend program was discontinued and the discount links and codes for that particular program will not work, including the one I had on this page. I am investigating other ways in which I can offer a discount to new Republic users and will post to this page once I figure that out, so be sure to check back.

There are a lot of crappy spammy websites out there that are promoting various Republic Wireless discount codes that are old and invalid, from a previous promo code program; or are simply misleading you to click on their affiliate link. This page is here to provide people interested in switching to Republic Wireless a valid up to date discount coupon that actually works for 2014 and not two years ago.

I personally joined Republic Wireless in April 2014 and have loved the service so far. I believe in sharing the love and helping others to find a cheap cell phone plan that helps them escape the evil clutches of AT&T and Verizon. Fortunately, anyone who is a Republic Wireless member gets their own referral code that they can share with family and friends to give them $20 credit when they sign up through a referral link.

Here’s my coupon code you can use to get $20 credit:

[Edit: Removed Invalid Link Code]

How It Works

The Republic Wireless promo coupon works by clicking on the above referral link when you want to sign up for their cell phone service. Once you go through the sign-up process, select which plan you want, which phone you want, any accessories you want, then the $20 discount will be shown at checkout. It’s important to note that this only works by clicking through the link to the Republic Wireless website when you sign-up and order for the first time.

How To Check If a Discount Code is Valid

After you sign-up and select your phone plan, you can check to see if the promo code you used is valid, and that you receive the $20 credit, by viewing the information when checking out. The check out information screen should look like this:

RW Promo Code Validation

To confirm that you are getting the $20 credit, make sure that the green box is displayed under the cart summary, which will say the following:

A $20 Refer a Friend credit has been applied to your monthly membership fee.

If you do not see the green box on the cart summary page, then you may need to start over again by either coming back to this page and clicking through the link again, or by copy and pasting the code into a new browser window.


In the interest of transparency, I should tell you that since this is a referral program, if you sign up through the link I provide above, not only do you get a $20 credit, but I will also receive a $20 credit to my account. Although I only get credit for up to 29 referrals, after that the person signing up can still get the $20 credit, but I would receive $0… but that’s ok since the whole point of this website is to help people get a cheaper cell phone plan, for which I would still recommend Republic Wireless even if I didn’t receive one cent of referral credit from them.

So if you feel that the information on this website was not useful or helpful, and don’t think I should get the credit for a new sign-up to Republic Wireless then you might want to use another person’s coupon, perhaps a friend or family member who is already using the service. My hope is that you find the information on this site of some value that if you did want to sign up for the RW cell phone plan then you would use my code, but no hard feelings if you don’t 🙂

What is even better is that if you do happen to sign-up with Republic Wireless, you’ll get your own referral link to give out to your own family and friends to not only help them get a good deal but get some twenty dollar credits to your own account. So it’s a win/win/win situation all around, the new person signing up gets $20, you get $20 and Republic gets a new customer.


    1. Hi Kim,

      Sorry for the delayed response, but I did some research and it looks like Republic Wireless stopped it’s refer-a-friend program back in Nov. 2014, so it appears my link/code above won’t work.

      I’m in the process of investigating other ways that I can offer some kind of discount to new Republic users should they want to try the service. I’ll leave another response and update this page should I find a new working offer for 2015.


  1. Here is a 2015 code: $20 off any combination of activation fees and/or monthly billing. It applies only to new accounts. The code is a weblink: [removed invalid link]

    1. Hi Joe,

      This code appears to be from the referral program that ended in Nov. 2014 and doesn’t look like it will work. If it does work for 2015, could you let me know where you found the new referral program information?

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