Metro PCS Cheapest Plan Now $30/Mo Unlimited Everything

The cell phone plan provider Metro PCS unveiled a new low cost unlimited everything plan today. Metro PCS which is the budget branded carrier owned by T-Mobile signals yet another volley in the prepaid cell phone war between its main competitors Cricket Wireless and Boost Mobile. The new Metro PCS cheapest plan is now only $30 per month with taxes and fees included.

Metro PCS has a number of prepaid plans that range as high as $60 per month, but the addition of the $30 per month tier will now make them competitive with Cricket whose lowest priced unlimited everything plan is $35/month and Boost Mobile’s lowest tier prepaid plan which is also $35/month.

What to Look Out For

However, there are a number of important caveats that might make Metro PCS’s plan less attractive than its counterparts despite being $5 cheaper per month. For these reasons one should be wary of switching right away until taken into consideration. Let’s take a look:

  • You can only get the $30/month plan by going to a physical store location, whereas Cricket Wireless and Boost Mobile allow online sign-ups.

  • You can only get the plan if you buy an eligible GSM 3G/4G phone from them. Unfortunately, bringing your own phone does not qualify.

  • The plan doesn’t support LTE phones despite offering 1GB of high speed 4G data…

  • While the Metro PCS plan is $5 cheaper than Cricket & Boost, it only offers 1GB/month of high-speed 4G data, while the other two offer 2.5GB/month.

While I applaud T-Mobile/Metro PCS’s efforts to become more competitive in the low cost prepaid cell phone provider market, I think the above list of negatives could possibly be a deal breaker for trying to attract customers from Cricket or Boost Mobile even if it is $5 cheaper. Although I will say, if this price war keeps up, we’ll be seeing these providers start to approach Republic Wireless territory soon.

New Metro PCS Family Plan for 2

In addition to Metro PCS decreasing the price of their low tier prepaid plan to $30, they have also added a discount for additional lines to that plan. This makes a Metro PCS family plan for 2 or more (up to 5) not a bad option for sharing between your family members.

The pricing for the family plan option is fairly simply, you can start with the basic $30 per month plan, except when you add additional lines you get a $5 discount per line, up to a total of five lines. For example, getting two lines would end up costing $50 which makes both lines equivalent to a $25 plan or $5 per line. Not too shabby.

I haven’t talked much about Metro PCS on this blog, but I have done some research into its parent company T-Mobile who has no doubt been waging war against the other big three carriers: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and now it looks like their respective budget brands are also in the cross hairs.

If there are any readers who use or have used Metro PCS, I’d love to hear about your experience with them in the comments below and what your opinion is on their new cheapest plan option?

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  1. metropcs charges their customers an additional $2 (debit card only @ atm) $3 (in store) to pay your cell service at their store – & seems to have withdrawn all their prepaid phone cards.

    a little known additional cost to keep in mind.

    they claim a 90 day unlock for their phones … but their follow through in providing the requested unlock code is very POOR … even for well established customers …

    vaya con dios

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