Cricket Wireless Increases 4G Data on Prepaid Plans

Today Cricket Wireless announced new data limit increases to a few of their prepaid cell phone plan offerings, along with a new limited time offer for a 20GB “Advanced” data plan. In addition, Cricket is also offering a free month of service along with heavy discounts on a select number of smart phones for new customers.

First lets take a look at a comparison chart of the new 4G LTE data increases:

cricket wireless lte data chart

As we can see there were two increases to both the $35/month Basic Plan and the $45/month Smart Plan with a LTE data increase of 2.5GB from 1GB and 5GB from 3GB respectively. The $55 Pro Plan seems like it will stay the same with a 10GB 4G data limit. In addition, we see a new limited time plan called the Advanced Plan which will be priced at $55 per month for 20GB of high-speed LTE data.

Since both the Pro Plan and Advanced Plan cost the same, it obviously makes sense for new customers wanting a very high LTE data limit to go with the Advanced Plan. While the Advanced Plan says it is for a limited time only, I could not find any dates given indicating the duration of the offer. Also, anyone going for the Advanced Plan option needs to have an LTE capable device if that is not already obvious.

Free & Discounted Cricket Smart Phones

cricket wireless phone discounts

Cricket is currently offering heavy discounts in the form of a rebate on a number of its smartphones, with two that would essentially be free after the rebate.

Both the Nokia Lumia 635 and the Nokia 530 would be the two free smartphone options, although potential customers should be aware that these are Windows phones and not Android based.

However, if you’re willing to spend a tiny bit on a great smartphone, I’d personally select the Motorola Moto G which Cricket is offering at a mere $24.99 after the $75 mail-in rebate. As readers of the blog know, the Moto G is my current phone that I use with my Republic Wireless service and I absolutely love it; definitely worth the $25, especially since there is no contract.

There are a few other discounted phones listed on their website that are worth checking out and while Cricket says these are discounted for a limited time, it has been my observation that they always have phones offered at a discount so take that for what it’s worth.

Free Month of Service

Cricket Wireless is also offering a free month of service to new customers for a limited time. It’s a pretty good deal for those already wanting to sign up, although there appears to be some restrictions. According the their website the free month is only valid for those selecting the Smart, Pro, or Advanced Plans.

These new data limit increases and special offers by Cricket Wireless are no doubt a response to other budget mobile phone services who have also recently increased 4G data limits such as Boost Mobile, MetroPCS, and T-Mobile. It is certainly great news for those of us seeking out cheap cell phone plans.

You can check out more Cricket Wireless reviews here. Be sure to read the comments as some of our readers have provided great feedback on their experiences with using Cricket – some which have been both good and bad.

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