Cyber Monday & Black Friday Cell Phone Deals

Below you’ll find an ongoing updated list of 2014 holiday discounts that are related to various Black Friday cell phone deals, Cyber Monday deals, and basically any other of these made up shopping days in which companies tempt us to buy their products and services.

Below the chart are more details on the various deals with links to each company’s announcement.

PhoneDealProviderSale Date(s)
HTC Desire 510FREE w/$75 rebateCricket WirelessNov. 28
Samsung Galaxy S550% OffCricket WirelessDec. 1
Samsung Galaxy S450% OffCricket WirelessDec. 1
Nokia Lumia 1320$100 Off Cricket WirelessNov. 28
Samsung Galaxy Note 3$142 OffTingNov. 26 - Dec. 1
HTC One M8$95 OffTingNov. 26 - Dec. 1
Samsung Galaxy S5$120 OffTingNov. 26 - Dec. 1
LG G3$56 OffTingNov. 26 - Dec. 1
Kyocera Hydra Vibe$69 OffTingNov. 26 - Dec. 1
iPhone 5$72 OffTingNov. 26 - Dec. 1
Samsung Galaxy Ace Style $100 OffStraight TalkNov. 28
LG Access$130 OffStraight TalkNov. 28
Samsung Galaxy S4$250 OffStraight TalkNov. 28
Moto X (2nd Gen)$140 OffMotorolaDec. 1
BlackBerry Z30$550 CreditBlackBerryDec. 1

If you know of a good deal not shown in the list above, please leave a comment or send me a message and I will update accordingly.

Cricket Wireless Deals

Cricket is has announced that you can get a FREE HTC Desire 510 by visiting either a dedicated Cricket Wireless store or participating Gamestop store. Of course, it is only free after you submit for the $75 rebate which will come in the form of a prepaid VISA card.

This is not a bad deal considering the HTC Desire is a decent phone and normally retails for around $100, so it’s a good savings if you were in the market for an HTC smart phone and use or plant to use Cricket Wireless for a cheap cell phone plan.

Cricket is also offering $100 off of a Nokia Lumia 1320 tablet. The “phablet” as they call it, normally retails for around $199, so you are basically getting it for $99 which is not too shabby.

For Cyber Monday only, you can get 50% off of either a Samsung Galaxy S4 which normally retails for $430 and the Galaxy S5 retailing for $590. Thus with the half off price you could buy either of these phones for $215 or $295 respectively. Not too shabby, just make sure you don’t sleep with it under your pillow.

Ting Deals

Ting announced today that they will be discounting a number of different phones starting today, Wednesday November 26th through midnight December 1st (Cyber Monday) or until supplies last.

The offering is pretty generous with great discounts on both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4, although it seems that the iPhone 4 is already sold out. The other deals include some more high profile smart phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 3, and the HTC One M8.

As usual, Ting keeps to its rep of offering good deals in the mobile phone space.


Motorola has announced that it will be offering $140 off of it’s brand new Moto X 2nd generation phone for an unlocked version. The offer is only available by registering on their site here for a coupon code starting Cyber Monday, Dec. 1st at 11AM Central Time. Once you have the coupon code you’ll be able to use it to buy the Moto X2 for up to 14 days afterwards.

For those that don’t know, the Moto line, particularly the Moto X has gotten rave reviews and is considered a great smart phone. As some readers already know, I own a Moto G which is slight step down from the Moto X and I love it. So for those wanting to get the latest 2nd generation Moto X, this could be a good deal if you can register in time.

Straight Talk – Walmart

Straight Talk is offering three different big discounts on Black Friday, which includes the following sale prices:

  • Samsung Galaxy Ace Style for $29 (retail price = $129)
  • LG Access for $49 (retail price = $179.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 for $249 (retail price = $499.99)

These are all superb deals if you use Straight Talk as your MVNO carrier, but the problem is you can only get them at Walmart on Black Friday, which prompts the question of whether the savings is worth your health and sanity…


On Monday, December 1st, Blackberry will offer people up to $550 if they trade in their iPhones for a new BlackBerry Z30 smart phone along with its BlackBerry Passport service.

Basically the deal is, they give you up to $400 back for trading in an iPhone, along with an additional $150 credit from BlackBerry. I’m not too sure on all the details since I’m not much of a BlackBerry fan but I would be sure to read the fine print on this before making the switch, although I can’t imagine anyone would.

The problem here is that people who own iPhones are typically not going to want to switch as they tend to be loyal fans. Besides, I didn’t even realize BlackBerry was still in business until I read about this deal… who’d a thunk it.

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